Honor View10

Huawei’s sub brand Honor announced the View 10 at the end of 2017. The phone recently made its way to India earlier this month. It directly competes with OnePlus 5T in almost all the regions where it is sold. But, it lacked the most loved feature on the 5T which is face unlock. But, now a new update is rolling out to the Honor View 10 which brings face unlock.

Huawei Honor View 10

Though Android has face unlock feature since the days of Ice Cream Sandwich, it is only meant for convenience and not meant for security. Thus, the feature was over shadowed, but some OEMs did implement it on their devices. However, everything changed when Apple came with FaceID on their tenth anniversary iPhone – the  iPhone X. Since then, the hype for face unlock soared and many Android OEMs started launching phones with face unlock.

Huawei said that the OTA update which enables face unlock on the View 10 has been already rolled out. The company also said that the update will hit every devices by January 24. The face unlock on the View 10 works only when the user’s eyes are open similar to other smartphones. But, what’s new here is that when the user looks at the lock screen with notifications, then they will expand so that the user can read it.

The other features include the ability to not turn off the display if the user does not interact with the screen but looks at the phone. Also, the phone will detect the user’s head while lying down, thus it will maintain proper orientation. This new update also brings an option to  change the background of the pictures while using the front camera. And also brings motion detection for both rear / front cameras and AI powered image enhancement for high powered digital zoom images.

Thus, if you own a View 10, then update your device if the update is available to use face unlock.


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