Earlier today, a hefty 2.4GB in size OTA update has started falling on the Huawei Mate SE in Canada. Bulky update means not less than a major update. And here, in deed, the nearly one month old device is getting its first major update in the form of Android Oreo.

As in the case with Huawei devices, the Android Oreo update comes wrapped under EMUI 8.0. The latest Huawei custom skin not only engulfs all the bells and whistles of the Android Oreo. But also, other unique customized features and UI enhancements that are exclusive for Huawei/Honor devices. Perhaps, those extra features can be attributed to the update exceeding 2GB in size.

Let’s give a quick overview of the new update. In fact, the changelog of the update is similar to the Huawei 7X EMUI 8.0¬†update, and why not? For those who don’t know the Huawei Mate SE is a slightly evolved edition of the 7X for some select markets. Since, the both devices are powered by same SoC, Kyrin 659 and are similar in all other general hardware aspects, a single base firmware can do the job, well with some minor edits here and there.

Apart from the common features such as PiP support, Autofill and so on. The update tots in a new floating navigation dock, an updated settings menu and phone manager, a new recycle bin in gallery, “seamless LinkedIn integration”, the ability to link two Bluetooth devices up, and face unlock. Many more improvements that you can unearth after updating your device to the latest EMUI 8.0.

As of now, the update is rolling out to the Huawei Mate SE units in Canada. However, it won’t take so long for the update to be visible in other regions as well.


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