rich communication service

In a strategic partnership, Huawei has favoured to use the Android Messaging platform and RCS messaging. Android Messages will make equipp Huawei devices with texting over WiFi, rich media sharing, group chats and typing indicators. There are many other several features that will come on board after using Android Messages.

rich communication service

Android Messages aka RCS – Rich COmmunication Service is designed to create an SMS-style cross-operator communications. It let you do many things from straight from your inbox. It is an approach which will make your Huawei device SMS app much like Whatsapp or any other social chat app.

It is a next-gen SMS service which will let you know the weather, can chat over wifi, media sharing and many other functions. Google’s next Gen SMS approach which beun in 2015 seems to have met a good point. The partnership with Huawei will make this new feature debut on the smartphones.

We hope in future other manufacturers will opt for this new tech. In 2016, major manufacturers opted for the Android Messages to make it the default messaging app.

So, now all hail RCS messaging in near future.


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