huawei smartwatch patent

Huawei already have many Android smartwatches in the Market. They also have some good amount of share in world Android smartwatch market. In order to make upcoming smartwatches more better, Huawei is working pretty hard. In a same effort, Huawei has patented some gestures for the smartwatches.

huawei smartwatch patent

Huawei is doing something extraordinary, as the patents are not a normal smartwatch gestures. These gestures belongs or gets motion from the back of your hand. Yes, that’s a little big thing which is different from normal gestures.

Huawei has registered the new patents with WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). The patent for the gesture was applied on July 29, 2016 and it is described as gesture input method in the form of writing letters with your fingertip.

Here’s a translated patch from the source:

The special thing is that these gestures can not only be entered above the display. Sensors scan the area around the smartwatch. For this, ultrasonic sensors or an infrared sensor can be used.

This makes it possible to write on your hand back (top of your hand). That which the user writes with his finger is then shown on the display of the Huawei smartwatch. For this the smart watch can be provided with a write mode.

Well, it seems to be different and evolution if it gets practical on any real device. We hope to see something real within the next couple of years using this tech.


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