Huawei Shifting to Tizen OS for Wearables?


It’s not a rumor, leading Korean daily, Korean Herald has published a report regarding the Huawei’s plan to switch to Tizen OS. Is Huawei going to ditch Android Wear after all?

huawei watch 1

Reason for transforming from Android War to Tizen OS is stated as Google’s not being collaborative on Huawei. As of now, Android Wear is available with the only customization allowed typically being pre-loaded apps and watch faces.

But Samsung is apparently denying it in follow-up reports. “Samsung has not officially received any request for such collaboration from Huawei yet,” said spokesperson Lee Won-ho.

Well, if it is true that it is going to be a big blow for Android Wear. There are many smartwatches or we can say popular smartwatches on Android which are manufactured by Huawei. So, it would be huge loss for the Android Wear.

We can’t evaluate whole scenario on just little information. It would be too early to comment on it.

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