Huawei’s foldable phone in works, might launch it next year


Huawei recently announced its Mate 10 series and is now planning on launching a Foldable phone in early 2018. This may result in collision with Samsung’s long rumored Galaxy X foldable phone.


Huawei’s CEO Richard Yu confirmed to CNET that the company has a “working sample” of its upcoming foldable handset. The device needs improvements related to mechanical design, in order to hit the market.

ZTE has already unveiled its foldable smartphone – the Axon-M“, it will be released via AT&T in the coming months. The problem with the ZTE Axon M is that, when its two displays are joined to form a single large 6.75-inch screen, there’s a gap in the middle. Samsung’s upcoming phone is expected to support a single foldable display without any gaps and so is huawei.

According to huawei’s CEO the handset packs two screens with a small amount of gap, which needs to be improved says Yu.

There is no other information available about the Huawei’s first foldable phone. But if company manages to solve its current issues then, it would be a great innovation in the immediate future. Or it may be a disaster, lets see what it comes out to be.


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