Huawei’s Watch, Talkband B2, And Talkband N1 Surfaced At MWC


Huawei has announced smartwatch with new Analog Design at MWC 2015 along with the Huawei’s Talkbands. Huawei watch consists circular shaped design along with the Android Wear on the top of it.

huawei watch 4

Huawei Watch consists a heart rate monitor, 4GB of storage, 512MB of RAM, a 6-axis motion sensor, and a a Qualcomm 1.2GHz processor. Huawei Watch is sticked with a 42mm circular face, stainless-steel housing, and array of 40 face looks are designed to bring more of the analog watch feel to the digital smartwatch world.

Other Features of Huawei Watch:

  • A heart rate monitor, barometer and six-axis accelerometer
  • Four gigabytes of internal storage
  • Three colour options – gold, silver and black – and a variety of watchstraps

It is going to be launched in 20 countries but the date of launching is still unknown.

Next product Huawei is the new version of Talkband. Huawei has come with Talkband B2 and Talkband N1.

TalkBand B2:

TalkBand B2 has a 0.73″ PMOLED touchscreen, and as you can see the Bluetooth headset part of it neatly docks into the wrist strap using a dedicated button. The wristband comes with Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, which allows it to sync with devices running iOS 7 (and higher) and Android 4.0 (and higher).

TalkBand N1:

The TalkBand N1 is looks like a pair of headphones that forms a sort of pendant you wear around your neck. IP54 dust and water resistance and up to 3 days of battery life and five hours of hands-free call time. The N1 features an extra 4GB of internal memory to put some music on too, so it doesn’t rely solely on Bluetooth connectivity.

Gallery Of Huawei Watch

Gallery OF Talkband B2:


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