‘HummingBad’ Malware Infected 85 Million Devices

Android Malware HummingBad

Well, here’s one more malware which is infecting Android devices. Already, 85 Million users are affected with the ‘HummingBad’ malware.

It is created and run by a company in China called Yingmob. As per the security Analysis firm, Check Point, ‘HummingBad’ was First discovered in February of this year, the malware has infected over 85 million users across the globe. India and China are the vast affected countries and even the US is not far behind with over 25 million devices being affected.

As per the research by Check Point, “‘HummingBad’ establishes a persistent rootkit on Android devices, generates fraudulent ad revenue, and installs additional fraudulent apps.” Also, most of the users having Android Kitkat and jellybean are prone to this Malware. Here’s the chart depicting the share of Android Version on which the Malware is active:

hummingbad malware

Yingmob, company behind this whole malware development only have 25 employees. In actuality, it is an Advertising Analytics Company but performing their business in very wrong way.

As per now, there’s no fix for ‘HummingBad’ Malware. We are expecting a fix from Google and other OEMs regarding this loophole.


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