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OnePlus has just released their OnePlus 6 handset and like always they have started rolling out a number of new updates to the device. The first two updates namely OxygenOS 5.1.6 and even the latest 5.1.8 have ruined the experience of users. These updates were build to solve the existing issues but installing them has given rise to other problems in the device. The Chinese version of the handset has just received a new update which aims to brings fixes for the prevailing problems.

The Chinese variant of OnePlus 6 runs on HydrogenOS whereas the Global variant runs OxygenOS. Following the old OnePlus record we can say that HydrogenOS receives software update faster than the global OxygenOS. Which also means that fixes first comes to the Chinese variant of the device. OnePlus has just released HydrogenOS 5.1.10 update for the Chinese OnePlus 6 units. Luckily users are reporting that the update really brings bug fixes.

As per changelog, the update aims to bring optimization in the screen. As a lot of users have reported that the device fails to adjust apps for 18:9 aspect ratio panel. OnePlus has also decreased the touch screen sensitivity by a small margin as it avoids accidental touches. Additionally, the changelog says general bug fixes, however, the users have reported that after installing the update on their OnePlus 6 device the battery life has improved. We can expect a fix for the battery drain issue in the OxygenOS global update as well. So if you are facing issues on your OnePlus 6 then don’t worry as soon the fresh update will get rolled out from the house of OnePlus.


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