ICS for HTC Sensation Available in some parts of Europe


HTC Sensation users in Europe have started getting their serving of Ice Cream Sandwich according to this thread on the XDA forums. It’s unclear on whether or not the update is official or an accidental push, but many of the XDA members have already received it. The Taiwanese company is strangely quiet (for such a big news), so we keep listening to other people and their reactions. As far as we’ve understood, alongside Ice Cream Sandwich, HTC is also pushing updated version (3.6) of its Sense UI.

Alternatively, if you’re running the latest stock build and have S-OFF, you can grab the file here and manually install it.

Similarly, we’re also hearing that the ICS update could be rolling out to the Sensation XE in Germany right now, but again, there’s no official word on the matter.

Via: EuroDroid


      • It’s not much different about it. The Interface has changed a bit, but I would like to have the full Sense 4 UI. HTC have added their own verisions of apps like Facebook Chat and note taking synchronised with Evernote. All in all it’s not a big update. I hope that the (official) Sense 4 will come out (never gonna happen) 🙂


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