Indian Smartphone Market is getting a lot and lot of devices stamped with Made in China. All the major brands including Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, OnePlus  and Vivo are accumulating upto 53% of smartphone market in 2017. Well, this seems to be something opposite happenings with respect to Indian Government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative.


As per the report from the IDC India, it is said that China smartphone sales have been got to 53% from 34 percent in the last 1 year. In a statement, IDC India’s Analyst said that the lower-tier cities are major grooming ground for the China-based brands.

The untapped demand in the lower-tier cities remains the key attraction for China-based brands to explore the growth trajectory in India. Their strength in their home market of China and weakening position of local players has helped some of these China-based players to solidify their operations in India.

Some major local key players are Micromax, Intex and others are struggling to get some hold against the Major players and these Chinese brands. The price and features of the China made devices are not comparable with the local player devices. The price is  major cause behind the tumble down of the local players and rise of the China based OEMs in India.

Well, the new steps from the Indian Government is now making way for local market. They have increased the custom duties on the Mobile devices imported from outside of the country.



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