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IFTTT has renovated its main App by integrating all its other Apps into the main IFTTT App. Earlier there were different apps like “IF and  “Do”, they were installed in order to gain some more functionality by users. So, to remove different installs and make it a hassle free experience, they have introduced new IFTTT app.

ifttt android appYou just need to update the main IFTTT app to gain all the functionality into it. IFTTT has also rebranded its Recipes to Applets. Due to integration of of its other apps, now Applets are more powerful than a recipe.

Many reasons are behind the Integration of the IFTTT apps with all its other apps like Do apps, Do Camera, Do Button, Do Notebook and many others. Here’s what IFTTT wants to achieve by doing this change:

  • All of the services we use should work seamlessly together.
  • New services should breathe new life into the apps and devices we already own, not slap them with expiration dates.
  • No one should have to pledge allegiance to one brand in order to get what they need from their technology.

So, what are you waiting for guys? Just over to the Play Store link below to get the update.


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