The Pico doesn’t look like a high end phone, and may be the yet unannounced HTC Glamour, which was meant to be a fashion conscious phone targeted at people of the female persuasion. The Pico is a low end Android device from HTC looks to be a step below the HTC Bliss which is expected to launch on Verizon this fall. Some new age marketing crap may be involved which includes a rough covering for better grip, preinstalled app “calming wallpapers” which features, calming wallpapers (whatever that means), preinstalled apps for shopping and caloriesthe “Charm Indicator” which is a cube that blinks every time you get a message or a call so women can easier find their phone in their handbag.

SO the Glamour / Bliss / Pico has emerged in China, it’s an interesting looking little device, with a 3.2″ HVGA 480×320 touchscreen. There’s a 5MP camera on back, with a 1230mAh battery for power. With 900/2100MHz 3G bands enabled, this may not be for the US market at this point. Leaked images suggest that it will hit the Chinese market first, and it has a rather peculiar accessory, Not quite sure how this works, but it’s an external indicator to alert to messages and missed calls.

Pocketnow discovered photos of the Pico on a Chinese site, and they look incredibly familiar, it’s quite often hard to tell where HTC’s leaked devices will turn up, this phone was at first thought to be headed to Europe, but it’s bright colours and novelty value and budget price line, make it perfect for the Asian market.


The spec sheet looks quite good
Although it’s a minimum level smartphone, there’s a twist, HTC Sense Zero? Android GingerBread to be determined? I can only speculate as to what that means, is this some sort of cut down GingerBread build to allow it to run on a device with a smaller rom capacity. With it’s cute and familiar design, the Pico will help raise awareness of the HTC brand in a very large market for what should be  a budget price. How do you like the look of the Pico?


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