The instant messaging and calling app, Imo has now joined those elite apps which’d crossed 500 Million downloads on Google Play. It’s a great milestone for the messaging app despite losing some of its glory. That’s because of the popularity and acceptance of Whatsapp, Telegram, Instagram etc. among majority of users. In fact, the half-billion achievement embraces the app after its over 6 years of existence on Google Play.

In case if you don’t know. The journey of Imo as a single platform for accessing other messaging apps to the stand-alone instant messaging app that currently we know wasn’t devoid of hurdles. Though the Imo started the service in 2010 providing access to Skype, Google Talk, Facebook and other messaging services. Later in 2014 it switched to its own text-based chatting and video calls providing app. Then onward, the Imo was rapidly expanding its services and working hard to neutralize the challenges thrown by its alikes.

As per Android Rank, an open Android market data research agency the Imo is doing well particularly in some Asian as well as European countries such as Russia and Sweden. Moreover, the agency added that the imo has managed to attain number 2 position in the communications category in Bangladesh.

Well, the Imo Video Calls and Chats app can be directly downloaded from Play Store. The latest version is 9.8 and the download it from Play Store.


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