melon headband brain

Well it seems to be a futuristic thing but it has arrived. You can track and easily improve your focus by this high tech Headband. It improves focus with relation to your activity you doing, about your environment, emotions, and any other behavior you want to track.

Melon Headband measures and improves your brain by using EEG. You can wore it doing daily routines like walking, dancing, painting or anything else. Melon team includes Arye, Laura, and Janus and they aim to help people understand themselves better through products that are based on human-centered design. It improves your focus by:

  • Signal amplification, which makes raw brainwave signals stronger.
  • Filtering protocols that eliminate known noise frequencies such as muscle movements and pulse.
  • Notch filters that eliminate electrical noise from the grid, which varies from 50Hz to 60Hz, depending on geographic location.

Currently Melon is seeking $100,000 in Kickstarter funding, and they have already received $91,347 and still about $9000 to be collected in next 27 days. So guys head over to the source link below to donate and get listed in backers. Below are some images shwing Melon Headband:

melon headband brain

Source: Kicstarter


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