Inbox By Gmail now helps to deal with unnecessary subscriptions

No more junks from newsletters that you even don't know when you've subscribed it.


You can’t deny the fact that your GMail account is more the junks than useful messages, neither we can. Even Google is well aware of this awfulness. The AI powered and machine learning capable Inbox By Gmail was one of the Google product that was developed to address the havoc caused by tons of spams hitting our inbox to an extent. And, in latest a smart way of unsubscribing from mails that you no longer reads or cares will be offered by Inbox.

Multiple users have reported that, they are  now able to see an Inbox tip that highlights a particular adressee whose emails were left unopened for 30 days. Literally, it ought to be a useless or no more interested subscribed newsletters of the user, now worth unsubscribing. Here, Inbox By Gmail is doing a good job by reminding you of the subscribed newletters that clog your inbox.

What we’re able to deduce is that the subscription cancellation function is being tested with some folks among Inbox by Gmail users. The wider rollout might happen at a some later. And, also might make its way to ordinary Gmail if it acquires much acceptance from the Inbox users.

Still using normal GMail app? Inbox By Gmail is more advanced and feature-rich app to organize your mails in a smart way. You can download it from Google Play Store right now.


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