India becomes the second largest smartphone market


It is not new, it was already predicted that India is going to surpass the US in terms of the smartphone usage. Now, it has happened and India has became the second largest smartphone market in the world, just after China. In recent past, India has emerged as the biggest market for the major OEMs for Smartphone sale.

india smartphone growth

The ease of availability of every kind of smartphone has lead to the sudden growth of smartphone market in India. It is a sign of Information Technology growth in India as government efforts are showing its signs. Many reforms have also been done to increase the IT sector growth.

India Vision 2020

Indian Technology giants like Reliance, Google India and Airtel also expecting to grow more at even faster pace in next couple of coming years. India is on a path to become a international technology hub as it is the biggest growing market of electronic goods. Recently  speaking at IMC 2017, Mukesh Ambani, founder Reliance Jio, termed Data as the new oil for market. Google India head, Rajan Anandan also said that India soon going to touch 500 million internet users in coming couple of years. To maintain that data flow, lots of devices are needed and major OEMs are just gaining that opportunity.

Talking about the report from Canalys, the growth story is applicable to every OEM present in India. The major five OEMs – Xiaomi, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo and Lenovo received bigger chunk of sales in respect to others. Xiaomi has registered growth of over 290 percent in comparison to the last year’s Q3. Similar are the stories of the other manufacturers like Samsung, Vivo and Oppo.

Currently, Xiaomi has registered major growth in the low end market. While, Vivo, Oppo and Samsung are key players in the mid level market of Rs. 15000-Rs 25000.

We hope this growth saga to continue in India.

Well, how many of users here are from India?


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