India, Canada & Japan Warn Against Using the Note7 in-flight

By Tejan -

By now, the news of some defective Note7 batteries exploding has reached every corner of the world. So much so that very recently, the US FAA i.e. the US civil aviation authority strongly advised their passengers to not use the Galaxy Note7 on the airplane. Now, India, Canada and Japan have done the same.Here’s a public notice issued by Director General of Civil Aviation, India.


A similar message was conveyed to the passengers by Transport Canada:

“Transport Canada is advising air operators, passengers and crew of this safety risk and recommends that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices be carried in the cabin, where an incident can be immediately mitigated, and not in checked baggage. Transport Canada also strongly recommends against using or charging these devices in the cabin of an aircraft.”

Japan too issued a similar message even though the device has begun retailing in Japan and India.

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