India is said to be “Biggest Contributor”, in massive growth of app downloads.


India is digitalizing more day by day, here is the proof, a report says that both Play Store and App store have reached record levels of Q3 2017. A report from App Annie said that downloads for both Google Play Store and App Store has reached nearly 26 billion worldwide, which is growing by 8% year over year.

The report says that the numbers do not include new downloads and does not count reinstalls or app updates, and India is the “Biggest Contributor” in download growth on Google play. The Reliance Jio’s launch last year helped in massive increase of downloads.  It also says that the Google Play downloads were almost twice as they were in Q3 2016.

Looking at the consumers who are spending on the applications, the reports said that  consumer spend on both App Store and Google Play combined saw 3 times the growth rate seen for downloads. In Q3 2017, the consumer spending was nearly $17 billion with yearly growth of 28%. It says that app usage increased in a significant pace.

Google play store maintains a lead in downloads worldwide. Apart from India, Southeast Asian countries i.e Vietnam and Indonesia were other sources of Google Play’s year-over-year download growth. Both these countries had high growth rates, Indonesia ranking fourth place and Vietnam on seventh spot in Q3 2017. Moreover, Google has started the Play store app deals which also play a big role in downloads. We are posting Play Store deals every week in which there are premium apps which are available for free or on discounted price.

On the other hand for iOS downloads, the report said China is the leading country with app downloads along with the US and Saudi Arabia following next.


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