instagram screenshots

Instagram has issued a new update to its app on both Android and iOS. The update is about the addition of the Text Mode in the editor of the Instagram Stories. As like of the Whatsapp and Facebook, now you can add Text only statuses to the Instagram Stories. In order to to add the text statuses you need to follow the procedure mentioned below.

instagram screenshots

Instagram text mode status offers many new things like colorful, customisable text styles. They also offer different fonts like neon, typewriter ,etc for better look. These kind of Text tools are already present on Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat.

Well, there’s a reason behind why Instagram did not provide the Text Status option earlier? As we all seen vast number of photos and videos being scrolled from our home feed. The text statuses seems to hinder the basic principle of the Instagram. That’s why iNstagram took so long to bring this feature on this photos, videos based social media.

There are lot of things that have improved or added on the Instagram. In order to make the Instagram much better place, developers have enhanced it with many new tools.

Let’s see how the Text Mode is accepted by its users.

How many of you are daly users of Instagram ?


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