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We all have been using Instagram for sharing photos, videos with our friends or those who follow us. Along with this Instagram Direct is also a very popular feature, which recently got many features from the Social Network Gaint. Today again Instagram Direct gets an announcement of GIF Support. This feature is a supplementary messaging option for users. Though there are messaging apps like Facebook messenger, Whatsapp which provide a lot more additional features.

Instagram Direct gets the GIF's support

This differentiation makes Insta Direct Message feature quite boring. Coming back to the GIF Support, this means that now GIF feature has been made available while users send direct messages. The GIF support for ‘direct message’ will at least make it a bearable feature.

Instagram has collaborated with GIPHY for providing the GIF. For now when we look at the app the GIF support hasn’t been available yet. I guess it will take about a few more weeks. Anyhow, this will make sending direct messages over Instagram interesting.

Does your Instagram direct message get the support GIF? If Yes, then do tell us via comments below. And tell us if anything else is there which we missed above.



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