Instagram Gets two-way Authentication


Instagram will to give users feature of two-way authentication. It seems photo sharing company is getting tough on security as they have taken step to give the two-way authentication as like of Facebook and Google.


This feature is now under testing as confirmed by TechCrunch. Also, it works same as that of Facebook, Twitter and Google. It will allow you to set a phone number through which you will get secure code and will gain access to your account or there are 10 self generated passwords which you can use when your phone is not in your contact. It’s quite difficult to infiltrate into any account if you even know password, to gain access to your account you need to have secure code.

Recently, Instagram launched switch profiles option to ANdroid App.

So guys get ready for the two-way authentication via some upcoming updates of Instagram app. Well, as per the source, it will come after a week of testing.


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