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Instagram has been designed mostly as an app and that is where it shines for users. However, the popular photo-sharing service does have a rarely entertained web version too. Most of Facebook’s efforts go into enhancing the app experience, but here’s something for the mobile website.

The mobile website now adds a feature to create Stories from the web interface itself. Now, this has been coming for some time. But now it’s finally here and users will see the feature available in the coming weeks. It goes without saying that users must be signed in to see the new feature. Stories will be accessible via a new camera icon on the top left corner of the interface.

Other features for the website includes basic stuff. Users can browse photos, like them, save posts and access them later on with the bookmarking feature. The mobile version is for those phones which can’t run Instagram and come in handy. Primarily, the mobile website was meant to boost user base and adding vital features will ensure it happens.


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