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In a bid to make Instagram more user-friendly with much cleaner and simple-to-use look, the developers have started rolling out a new update. In the coming few days, users will see some changes in the profile pages, lists, buttons, icons, and way of interaction. They are also testing some new animations or ways to switch between tabs and pages.

instagram new look

Majorly, the overall design of Instagram is getting a makeover. Instagram’s motive of cleaner look is attained by labeling icons with text, changing the transitions between tab switching and much more. Even, you will notice Profile Icon on the right side, instead of the opposite side. Your Bio has taken the place of your profile picture Icon. Instagram has removed the post count from the top and is utilizing the same space to shrink the profile information card horizontally.

Looking deep into the new design, we found that follow view list is also different than primitive look. The Buttons now have been halved to their width, and other information cards have taken the place of the saved space. You can see some action buttons like call, directions, email and start order are now in action.

It’s purely not only a design facelift, but it will also impact the way people use Instagram. They have given a direct action button for direct links to your stores, maps, etc.

When It’s coming?

The update may take some weeks to roll out to every user. Though this is not the final design that instagram has decided to remain with, there will be some changes as according to need. So, expect some more improvements in the next few weeks to the overall design changes.

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