Instagram now let users send live videos in direct messages


This year we saw many new features being added to Instagram. And the company doesn’t seem to stop yet though we have reached the end of the year. Last week, they launched a new standalone app for messages named Direct and before that they added an option to archive and highlight your favourite stores. And now, they bring a new option to send live videos in direct messages.

Instagram live video direct message

Users can send their own live videos or share any other person’s live videos in direct messages to a single person as well as groups. The recipients can only view the video when it is live else it will show as video has ended. If the user is not interested in this new feature, they can disable it from stories settings.

To send a live video in direct message to any single person or group, user has to tap on the direct icon which will be displayed when they go live. Also, users can send any live videos they are currently watching by tapping the same direct icon.

This feature is only available on Instagram version 26 for both Android and iOS. If you are not using the latest version, then update it from the Play Store now.


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