instagram stories

Instagram is going to add some new features to its platform. Currently, Instagram is testing a feature of tagging which will allow you to tag friends in videos. Instagram’s video service is available since 2013 but there are some limitations, which don’t allow users to tag friends and folks in it. Facebook offers this kind of service, and now, we expect the same feature to rollout on the Instagram.

instagram stories

Instagram is now the most popular social media platform, where users share their stories and posts via different photos and videos. It gives users to show their life, hobbies, etc via photos and videos. There are different kind of features like, Boomerang, Zoom-in-Zoom, Live and Rewind, etc. Instagram is continuously evolving new features to remain on the top in the social media game. Facebook and Instagram hnow have a proper integration, as it is owned the Facebook.

Instagram video tagging feature

As per the report from TechCrunch, it is believed that the video tagging will not the same as photo tagging. In videos, you will get a button on the left corner of the video, it will allow us to open a list of people tagged in the video. The tagged video will now show up in the feeds of the friends. As of now, the feature is not live, so nothing is confirmed yet, take the above feature as a grain in the sack.

The Instagram video tagging feature will only be available to few people. It will be available only on the mobile app, not the desktop veresion. The feature is currently under work and is being used by small number of people.

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There are many new features that have been added to the Instagram in the recent past. Those features have added a charm to the Instagram. The overall activity of the users has increased a lot from the past year.


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