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The latest Android P and the fresh iOS 12 both are official now and the one major helpful feature they offer is monitoring the time you spent with the device. To prevent your precious time YouTube has also released a similar feature which reminds you to take a break though you can ignore it if you still wanna continue. Now some new and similar details are there according to which soon Instagram will be bringing a time monitoring feature to it.

Reportedly the Facebook-owned platform will soon be updating the app with this helpful feature. The images provided above are revealed by a person named Jane Manchun Wong and the feature was spotted in the app’s APK code. The name of the feature is suggested as “User insights”. It will allow a user to know that how much time he/she is active on the platform. This will even allow you to set time limits and when you exhaust the limit it will notify you.

Most of the time we use Instagram whenever a notification arrives and this time a user will be provided with a feature with which one can limit the notifications as well. By limiting notifications it can save a lot of your time. This feature will appear on the profile page through a hamburger icon tapping. Which will show you the feature called User insights. According to us, this feature will be really helpful and for its official rollout. But for that we have to wait for a while. However, no official release date has been revealed yet.


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