Social media apps are continuously changing to stay ahead of the game; sometimes in good way and sometimes in not so good way. Today Facebook owned, photo sharing app, Instagram added new fun ways to reply direct messages. Instagram announced in a blog post that now users can use photos or videos to reply to direct messages.

With the latest update, when user reply to direct message with photo or video, a sticker of the original post will be added to the reply. A user can move it around the screen and do basic functionality such as rotating it or resizing it. Addition to that, when user tap on the sticker, message will be converted into split-screen reply and user can doodle also.

You can see split-screen feature in the above image. Both the features are not much useful but definitely a welcome addition and fun way to reply to someone.

Two days ago, Instagram added threaded comments feature to its iOS app. You can read more about the threaded comments over here. Further, there are many other changes and features that have been added to the Instagram in the recent past. The features like collection and groups has given Instagram a new life.

These new features are included in version 10.34 of the Android app. To get the new features, update your Instagram app. Instagram will be rolling out new features globally over the coming weeks.


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