Instagram has just suffered from a crash bug which they have acknowledged recently. Today we are back again with some spicy information dedicated to all Insta lovers. As suggested by several rumors and reports Instagram will soon allow a user to post videos with large duration. At present, the video post duration is limited and often develops a problem for creators community on the platform. So without making any further delay to let’s get to the facts.

Instagram Gets 3D Touch feature

Instagram is one of the best forms of social media available right now. It is free and allows users to connect specifically on the basis of Photos/Videos. At present Instagram is a Facebook-owned platform and was acquired in 2012. As revealed by the source The Wall Street Journal(an American daily newspaper) soon Instagram will gonna roll out the feature which will allow users to post videos up to the 60 min duration. For now, a normal user on Instagram can post a video with a maximum length of 60 sec.

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Instagram officially hasn’t tipped anything yet only the source is a ray of hope for us. Just give it a thought, Instagram will offer you the ability to post a 60 min video compared to the present 60 sec duration. Undoubtedly it can be considered as a serious refinement. Identical to Facebook Video advertisements are a major of earning for these platforms. Maybe to increase their revenue by a margin they will be bringing this feature. Videos with more duration will attract other advertisers as well as users.

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