lg g3 theme

First tell us, how many of you guys are fan of LG G3 ? and its visualizations? Anyone from here who didn’t got the device due to any reason can turn their device’s visuals into LG G3’s. The only thing you need is the Android 4.3 or above version.

lg g3 theme

There are two types of installations for different versions of Android:

  1. For Android 4.3 to Android 4.4.0 you need to root your device
  2. You can use this theme without root permissions on devices running Android 4.4.2+ versions.

In order to install it on the Android 4.3+ devices to Android 4.4 you need to root and superuser mod or patched services.jar to make it work. 

How to Install LG G3 theme on Xperia Devices:

  1. Long press (or like zoom out) in Xperia™ Home > Themes > choose which you want and press “apply”. or
  2. Goto Settings > Personalization > Xperia™ Themes > choose which you want and press “apply”.

Download the files from the link below and tweak your xperia device.

Download: LG G3 Theme

Share your views after installing the LG G3 theme on your Sony Xperia Devices?


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