Install TripAdvisor and Get Free Google Play Music Trial for Two Months


Here’s an offer going on the web. Tripadvisor is giving 2 months of Google Play Music Streaming service for free for two months one you use or install Tripadvisor app.

tripadviser offer

To avail the offer follow the steps below:

  1. Just head over to the Play Store and Install Tripadvisor app.
  2. After installing create a Profile.
  3. You will find Play Music icon in Menu.
  4. Just click it and you will be redirected to Two Months free streaming service.
  5. Enjoy!!

Google also quoted this offer in a blogpost:

Not a Google Play Music subscriber? No problem. If you don’t have it already, download the TripAdvisor Android app today and get a 2-month trial of Google Play Music. So go plan your next vacation…now with music that’s just right for you.

So Guys what are you waiting for? Just head over to the Play Store and Install the app.



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