Integral to launch 512GB MicroSD Card first in the Market


Mainly, Samsung and Sandisk are the key players in mobile storage segment. Their MicroSD cards have got world-wide popularity and acceptance among majority of mob. However, a UK based memory manufacturer – “Integral Memory” has pushed all the boundaries and stepped ahead of its competitors by launching its first ever 512 GB microSD in the market.

The new Integrals’ 512 GB microSDXC™ V10 bears UHS-I U1 rating and is a class 10 card. It’s compatible with all Android smartphones and tablets capable of handling 512MB and above expandable storage. The V10 title signifies that the card meets the Video Speed Class 10 (V10) standard. It assures fast data transfer especially while capturing or storing High Definition videos. Moreover, it allows the users to capture more stills and footage without the fear of being ran out of storage.

That said, it’s to be noted that the 512 GB capacity memory card was first unveiled way back in 2015. The manufacturer, Microdia being the first to unveil it. Later onwards other major SD Card tycoons too have had unveiled their 512 GB SD Cards, but never hit the market properly. Hence, Integral has become the first brand to market a 512 GB memory card.

Integrals promise that the storage card will be available in UK market starting from February 2018. Though the exact pricing is not yet revealed, it’s expected to be around $250. The purchased card will be covered under Integral’s trusted 5-year warranty.




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