We’re just now starting to get a peek into Google’s new Flipboard-style news service, Currents, but unfortunately non-United States users can’t download the app from the Android Market. Luckily, they don’t have to: a kindly XDA-Developers member has posted a leaked version of the international app. It looks like just about anyone outside of the fifty states can get in on the action, so head on over there to give it a try.

In case you haven’t already, check out our initial impressions of Currents, with a hands-on video. It’s basically a new style of aggregation engine that adds support for paid sites, though all the content that’s already in Currents is free. That means that international newshounds should be to access everything at the moment. The app plays out like a grown-up version of the Android Genie widget, which is almost certainly already installed on your smartphone under “News & Weather.”
The magazine-style layout is exciting, and while it doesn’t display as much raw information as something like Pulse, it does it in a very organized, readable way. Will Currents remain as an essential Google service, or fall by the wayside like so many others? (I’m looking at you, Google Listen.) Only time will tell, but it’s sure got a promising start.
[via SlashGear]


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