iOS 8 Overtakes KitKat, but is that it?


In just a week, after the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus have been released, Apple has sold over ten million devices. And not only this, will the launch of the new iPhone, the iOS was also launched and pushed to the older iOS devices.

iOS-vs0kitkat 8

Andorid KT

And now one in every four iOS devices run on the iOS 8, which is an impressive reach. iOS8 has already overtook the KitKat in terms of the devices it runs on, within a week. The iOS 8 currently runs on the 25.95% on the eligible apple device capable of running the new version, while iOS7 is at 48.41% and 41.07% for iOS 6.

No doubt, iOS 8 has reached alot of device within so much less time. BUt the real question is, are the Apple Fans happy with the new update? Sure the features it brings in were present in the Android Version Jelly Bean, which was released two years ago! Also many of the Apple USers complain about their devices hanging with the  update. So what is your take on it?


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