For a long time, there was no real challenger to the iPhone’s smartphone dominance. That all changed after Android started getting traction and the devices running the OS started to sell in droves. AT&T was the first of the iPhone carriers in the US and the iPhone still continues to be the most common smartphone sold on the network.

AT&T has released the results for Q3 and talks a bit about the iPhone and Android devices in with the usual profit numbers. AT&T notes that the iPhone was its most popular smartphone with 2.7 million activations during the quarter. That counts up to more activations than all other devices combines. However, AT&T also notes that the iPhone and Android together were almost half of its total 4.8 million smartphones sold.
Android is also catching up to the iPhone quickly on the network with sales of the Android devices on the network nearly doubling year over year. AT&T postpaid customers are now using more smartphones than dumb phones for the first time. AT&T reports a total of 68.6 million postpaid subscribers and 52.6% of that number is smartphone users. In the same quarter last year, only 39.1% of all users on the network were rocking smartphones.
[via SlashGear]


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