Is this the Sample photo from Samsung Galaxy S3?


A Photo has hit Picasa claiming that it was Sample photo from Samsung Galaxy S III. The EXIF file of the image, the Samsung GT- I9300 spits as camera model, and a resolution of 3264 × 2448 pixels (8.1 megapixels) and when I look at the image so it can be found here, but some features on the authenticity of the picture point: below the tablet ‘s look to me like Samsung, the left stick a little like the pen of the Galaxy S-grade 10.1 and in the background is a whole bunch of adapters and a Samsung laptop.

The picture is named ” 20120308_175456_HDR (1). jpg ” indicates a test-HDR image (a real difference can be seen not so) and the picture was taken before 8 days at 08March 2012. And if this photo is anything to go by (that’s if it’s real, of course), that is one sorry camera on the Galaxy S III.

Now the Photo is not live, its deleted Now.