Well, now in a recent move from JBL, they have launched headphones with Google Assistant. Simply, we can call it smart headphones. JBL a known headphone maker, one of Harman’s audio brand has announced 3 new headphones powered with Google Assistant.

The JBL Everest 710GA, 310GA and 110GA  are the ones which will now be available with Google Assistant. The 3 smart headphones will be available with the JBL’s Pro audio sound. The one which has powered many of it’s successful headphones. The best part of these headphones are that you have a powerful battery. It can last for about 8 to 25 hours depending on the model you choose. Along with that the 3 smart headphones will also have the quick recharge option.

The best part about these headphones is that it will feature curved headbands, which will provide you the best comfort levels. Earlier Bose had come up with such smart headphones and now it’s JBL. So, we can expect such more new smart headphones in future as like the smart speakers.

Here with Google Assistant, you can control your headphones i.e. control over music, notification interaction, etc. You can access these features by touching over the sensors on the headphones ear cups.

These headphones will be available at JBL retailers in spring 2018. We aren’t sure about the prices as of now. We will update you about pricing as soon as we receive details.


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