Apple has been hammering Samsung hard in Europe with allegations that Samsung has copied its products like the iPad and iPhone. Apple brought the case before the ITC and the ITC has banned the sale of some products across all of Europe. Popular devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S II are banned for instance. The Samsung Galaxy tablets are banned still in Germany.

German courts have kept the ban on the sale of the tablets inside the country in place until at least September 9. That means that Samsung will miss showing its tablets off at IFA kicking off next week. Samsung had previously asked for a decision ahead of the IFA show. The judge has said that there were overarching similarities between the Galaxy Tab and the iPad.
If the judge issues a ruling on September 9, it could go either way. There is no indication of if the judge is leaning towards siding with Apple or with Samsung. Samsung could be forced to pay damages and licensing fees to Apple if it loses the court case in Germany. A loss could also open Samsung up to suits in other countries as well.
[via Reuters]


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