Kindle Fire owners should be well aware that software version 6.2.1 is rolling out for rel=”amazon” target=”_blank” title=”Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, 6″ Display, Graphite – Latest Generation”>Amazon’s latest tablet and just as before, root will be completely removed from the device. The only difference is this time around, it will pretty much be impossible to re-root using SuperOneClick utility. Yep, it looks like Amazon has patched up root ability (for now). So what can you do if you’re a rooted Kindle Fire user? Well, aside from avoiding connecting to your WiFi network, not much. Well, you could always read up on the latest method for installing Cyanogen Mod on the tablet will prevents official auto-updates of the Amazon variety.
If you’re curious what new additions software version 6.2.1 brings, there’s reportedly smoother scrolling, password protected WiFi access and the ability to remove recently used items from the carousel. Once again, if you do decide to jump into the rabbit hole that is custom ROMs, make sure you read up good and well before diving in. Anyone rethinking a Kindle Fire purchase if a new root method can’t be found?
[XDA | Liliputing | Via Engadget]


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