The Paranoid Android Team is here with Christmas Gift of the first Kitkat based ROM. Currently the Paranoid Android AOSPA4+ ROM is not fully stable but its finally available for download.

Paranoid Android AOSPA4+ ROM

But its available for almost all Nexus devices but its support is currently not extended to Non Nexus devices. Here are the features of the Paranoid Android AOSPA4+ ROM:

  • Built-in SuperSu
  • Advanced Power Menu
  • Enhanced Volume Buttons
  • Enhanced Volume Controls
  • Global Immersive Mode Toggle
  • Notification LED Light Controls
  • Actionable Status Bar Date/Time
  • Keyguard Quick Unlock [standard]
  • Disable full screen keyboard [standard]
  • Basic file browser (Documents <from Omni>)
  • Exposed Google’s Native App Privacy Controls
  • Recent/Clear All Button Combo (context aware)
  • Screenshot Delete Added to Screenshot Notification
  • Optional Lock Screen Transparency (blur effect WIP)
  • Optional Status Bar Battery Icons (mirrored in quick settings)
  • Quick Settings 2.0 (edit tiles from within the pull down panel)

There are also some warnings in terms of flashing. Those coming from Android 4.3, stock 4.4 or another ROM should factory reset before moving forward.

For all download links and other instructions head over to the source link below.

Source: Google+


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