Latest Gmail Android app allows modification of Google account settings


Definitely, the Gmail app is an “easy to use email app”. Actually, so easy that the app just revolves around e-mails that we sent or received with no other bulky and smart features that we could see in the similar app, Inbox by Gmail. But, the simplicity of Gmail app kept it away for a long time from a basic feature that users are in badly need. That is, the Gmail app doesn’t have the feature to modify account settings so far. However, now Google has given the Gmail app the power to change account settings through an update.

Consequently, users can change their password, profile information, privacy and security settings, etc from the latest Gmail app itself. For editing the account settings, users have to head over to “My Account” in settings of the e-mail client app.

In addition, the latest updated version of Gmail app bundles a new swipe action feature as well. The app now shows an “undo” option at the bottom, when(after) you swipe to archive or delete an email.

What’s New

• You can now change your Google account settings (e.g. profile information, password, privacy settings, etc) under ‘My Account’ in Settings.
• An updated look for swipe actions in the inbox. Now when you swipe to archive an email, you can ‘undo’ at the bottom bar.
The latest version of the Gmail app can be now directly downloaded from the Google Play Store.



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