play store 10.7.19

You might have known, the last two releases of Google Play Store featured a bug that plausibly broke the LVL(Licence Verification Library) check. Literally, it rendered certain paid apps useless on devices having the Google Play Store 10.7.17 and above installed. Google acted immediately and is now up with a fix for this issue within the newly released Google Play Store 10.7.19.

Google Play Store 10.7.19

For those who don’t know, the LVL check is one among the smart algorithms from Google to ensure the protection of premium apps on the Google Play Store against pirated copies. Which means, the apps with LVL check enabled can’t work on devices, if they’re merely sideloaded without being genuinely purchased.

But, the previous two Google Play releases(10.7.17 and 10.7.18) broke the LVL check. Such that, many users  found there genuinely purchased premium apps suddenly displaying a message that their paid license is no longer validAs a temperory solution, some users including me downgraded the Google Play Store and everything was fine.

In my case, the Samsung add-on for Substratum theme engine that I’d genuinely purchased via Google Play Store has been throwing verification failed error with Google play Store 10.7.18. A little while ago, I’ve sideloaded the latest Google Play Store to know whether it’s really fixed or not. Fortunately, as claimed by Google the Sungstratum add-on worked flawlessly this time. Hence, we can confirm that the LVL check glitch is finally fixed with the new version.

That said, if interested you can either sideload the APK using link given below, or else wait for the Google Play Store to automatically upgrade. As earlier mentioned, I’ve had chosen the former method.


Google Play Store 10.7.19: Download

Note: The APK is signed by Google LLC and upgrades your existing app.


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