Latest Google Play Store v8.3.41 available for download


Google has updated its App store to v8.3.41 from the previous v8.2.58. Although, there is a great bump in version number, the update doesn’t bring much new notable features or UI changes. However, a teardown of the latest Play Store apk has revealed something unknown. Or, probably the features that we could see in upcoming Play Store versions.

Play Store v8.3.41 Teardown

Certain strings and codes present in the decompiled apk of the v8.3.41 points out the following add-ons.

  • Fast Scroll: A new codes found in attrs.xml and public.xml with name “fastscrollmodel” enables smooth and quick scrolling of pages. So, that users can surf a lot of apps with less downward swipes. During our initial play around with the latest Play Store, it seems the feature is now live.
  • CookBook: Under strings.xml file we could see mention of Cookbook here and there. Apparantly, Google might bring a section for food recipes, or cook books that can be grabbed either for free or paid similar to existing Books on Play Store.
  • Quick Installation Of Apps: This feature ought to be the most useful and productive, if once enabled. The QuickInstall codes present under styles.xml file could facilitate quick inatallation of apps via Play Store.
  • Floating Action Button or FAB: In near future, we could see floating button coming to Play Store, that makes surfing over Play Store easy. All most all actions(scroll, swipe, back etc) will be incorporated in this button. So, that you can move around Play Store using this floating button only. An attribute namely floatingactionsbuttonstyle found in apk revealed.

Download Play Store v8.3.4

As usual, the latest Play Store is taking a round gradually, and would take some time to hit your Play Store. However, you can download and sideload the apk given in the link below.

Play Store v8.3.41(Android 4.0+): Apkmirror

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