At least in a fortnight, if not weekly the XDA Recognized Developer, Topjohnwu releases a new version of its majestic Magisk. It was last week, when we’re introduced with the Magisk 16.2 that possibly fixed issue with Magisk Modules on Pixel devices running Android P DP1. Now, an update to the Magisk 16.3 brings the ability to bypass the Pokemon GO detection method. And, much more under-the-hood optimizations and improvements.

Also, the Magisk Manager is now getting an update to version 5.6.4. Remember, the previous one was bearing the version number 5.6.3. Hence, the new update seems to be a minor upgradation mainly focused on fixing bugs. Well, changelogs of the new Magisk 16.3 and Magisk Manager 5.6.4 are given below.


Magisk 16.3

  • [General] Remove symlinks used for backwards compatibility.
  • [MagiskBoot] Fix a small size calculation bug.

Magisk Manager 5.6.4

  • Remove the blacklisted apps using SafetyNet(eg. Pokemon GO).

Ability to bypass the newly introduced detection method(apart from SafetyNet) on Pokemon GO and other previously blacklisted apps on Magisk is of much noteworthy.

Topjohnwu, through his official XDA thread says: Previously, Magisk Manager has an internal list of apps that uses SafetyNet. It will blacklist these apps to prevent users from double hiding them. However a recent update of Pokemon GO introduces its own detection method in addition to the existing SafetyNet check, so I decided to simply just remove this list all togetherPokemon GO users will now need to explicitly add the app to the hide list for the best experience.

The developer has also shared his future plans. It seems, the next target is to add Magisk support for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+. Due to weird implementation of Project Treble on the GS9 and GS9+, current Magisk editions can’t gain root access on the flagships. However, we can hope this to change in future builds of the phenomenal Magisk.


Magisk Manager 5.6.4 bundled): Download

Magisk Manager 5.6.4: Download



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