Ever since the Magisk developer, Topjohnwu returned from his mandatory military training, the great Magisk has been getting improved day after day. We’ve seen the releases of multiple beta builds over the past few weeks literally bringing support for new devices and much under the hood optimizations. Now, a new Magisk Beta 16.7 is up with hot fixes for certain OnePlus and Huawei devices.

As per the dev, a careless error on previous beta builds caused vague boot to fastboot mode on his so-called half-treble devices such as OnePlus 5/5T. And, with the new beta the bug is finally squashed by proper implementation of mount partitions. Hence, those OnePlus users having the issue on rooted stable OOS can update to the latest beta to get rid of the problem.

As far as the Huawei devices are in consideration, the issue caused by problematic logcat generation of EMUI firmware is being fixed. According to him, the EMUI’s logcat for some reason will change the permission of its output file, and since Magisk will do several logcat commands dumping output to /dev/null, the permission is messed up, causing tons of stuff to break, including adbd; the issue is now fixed.

Changelog Magisk Beta v16.7

  • Magisk Beta v16.7                                                                                            [Scripts] Fix boot image patching errors on Android P (workaround the strengthened  seccomp).
    [MagiskHide] Support hardlink based ns proc mnt (old kernel support).
    [Daemon] Fix permission of /dev/null after logcat commands, fix ADB on EMUI.
    [Daemon] Log fatal errors only on debug builds.
    [MagiskInit] Detect early mount partname from fstab in device tree.
  • Magisk Manager 8.5.3
    Prevent invalid modules in the online repo crashing the app.                                          Update internal scripts for detecting ramdisk partition on Huawei devices
    Update Stable and Beta channel URLs.

The Magisk beta 16.7 is accompanied by the latest Magisk Manager 8.5.3. It might be a final beta build prior to the release of next stable Magisk 17.0. The developer is diligent to make the Magisk 17.0 rock-stable with no major bugs and smooth performance.


Magisk Beta v16.7.zip(incl. Magisk Manager) : Download


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