HMD Global launched there revamped edition of Nokia 6, dubbed as Nokia 6.1 in early May in the U.S. Perhaps, it was the company’s first Android One device to be made available in the country. As it should be, many of the loyal fans took home a unit or so as soon as it went on sale. Now, what if a faulty OTA update rendered a most vital feature all suddenly? Of course, the users ought to be irked and that’s exactly what happening here with most of the Nokia 6.1 users.

Certain Nokia 6.1 users have reported on Nokia forum regarding Wi-fi issue with the latest OTA update that brought May SMR. Upon updating their device to latest build, the Wi-fi seems to be kinda broken only to cause frequent disconnects and very poor signal reception, users reported.

As of now, multiple users only in the U.S. who’d installed the latest update seems to be plagued by the issue. However, we don’t know what’s the case in other markets where the device had gone for sale and the May SMR is being rolled-out.

That said, to be on a safer update we recommend not to install the latest update until and unless the issue has been resolved. In case if you’re one among those affected parties, well, then visit a nearby Nokia Care and get some assistance.


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