Latest Oxygen OS Update Breaks More Things Than It Fixes In OnePlus 3


A couple of days before, OnePlus started rolling out the latest version of their Oxygen OS for their flagship device OnePlus 3. The update numbered Oxygen OS 3.2.4, although a minor one measuring just 26 MB was supposed to fix the auto-restart issue that manu users were facing across the globe and also improve the call quality. However, it seems the update has done more bad that good.

OnePlus 3

While the update did fix the auto-restart issues and improve call quality, it has bought about other problems. To begin with, the update has caused the Android Pay services to break down. Another serious problem that the update has caused is that the device is no longer able to hold on to 4G LTE signals and drops down to 3G and even 2G.

OnePlus has even opened a thread on their forum where they are offering temporary solutions for users and are also suggesting users to comment with all the bugs they are facing.


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