PayTM conquered 33 percent of the UPI market share to become leading contributer to the revolutionary UPI system. With over 137 million transactions being registered in the last month, it proved to be the popular UPI enabled wallet in the country. In order to further improve the app experience for the users, a new update is being rolled out on Android bringing improved UPI experience.

What’s New

  • Brand new UPI experience
  • Money Transfer Upgrade
  • Expanded our brand new payment experience to all the categories now
  • Add money to wallet using UPI in 2 clicks
  • Easily set reminders after every UPI payment

The changelog of the latest PayTM 7.4.0 mentions a brand new UPI experience. Although we’re unable to nitpick all the changes made to the UPI, it seems the changes have something to do with the new UPI 2.0. Also, a slight UI change on UPI section is visible with an added option to check balance of the linked bank account.

Other upgrades made is in the money transfer and wallet sections. PayTM has upgraded the money transfer, while UPI mode option to add money on the wallet has been newly introduced.

Apart from all the changes listed, we can expect many other under-hood-the optimizations and improvements on the PayTM app. The latest update is now live on Google Play Store and if interested you can download it from the link given below.


PayTM: Google Play Store.




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