The most popular and feature-packed custom recovery available for Android, TWRP has been updated to v3.2.3. Though not a significant update when compared to the previous v3.2.2, the latest TWRP tots following improvements.teamwin-recovery-project-twrp-logo

What’s New

  • Fix automatic installing of OTA zips on encrypted devices
  • Remove SuperSU from TWRP
  • Support both md5 and md5sum file extensions when doing MD5 checking for zip files

The highlight of this release, in our opinion is the abiity to remove SuperSu root from TWRP. With that, the users can plausibly unroot their device through TWRP itself by choosing the Remove SuperSu option.

The fix for automatic installation of OTA’s on encrypted devices is something that most of the users have requested so far. Now, with the new TWRP 3.2.3 the issue has been resolved. So hereafter it’d be more easier to flash OTA’s on encrypted devices.

The latest TWRP 3.2.3 is out for all most all officially supported devices by TWRP. For instance, the latest build is available for devices including OnePlus 6, 5T, Samsung Galaxy S8, S9 and many other popular devices.

The TWRP 3.2.3 for your device, if available can be downloaded from official TWRP website or the Android app.


Official TWRP App: Google Play Store.



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