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YouTube is one of the key platforms from where Google receives traffic and also is one of its kind video universe. Google keeps on updating YouTube with the latest features according to the demand of users. Recently they have rolled out a feature with which the thumbnails now appear bigger in size and earlier a reminder feature was released. This time the app has just received a new update which brings a tiny and helpful change, so let’s check out what it is.

YouTube app has recently received an update which has brought visible hashtags now. If you have used the latest YouTube app then you may have noticed that the videos now have hashtags over the titles. In terms of appearance, to be honest they don’t look eye-catching. They have been embedded to refine the search algorithm of the platform. Users can now easily click on the tag to watch more similar videos. Along with, a new incognito Mode also helps you to maintain some privacy on the YouTube app.

Now a creator can add hashtags to his/her video so that searching it will become easier but in case of no added hashtags YouTube will automatically choose the first three from the description. These are very helpful for a normal user as well. Suppose you are searching for a particular song of Nucleya than the tags will help the user to reach more songs from the creator Nucleya. It is a subtle change but in long terms can help users a lot. In case you haven’t received the update just visit the Play Store for an update.

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